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Disclaimer: All of my stories have homosexual themes. If you are too young or it is otherwise illegal for you to read these stories, then please visit this website.

  • John Beckett  
  • Summary: Late one night Ian and Donna get a call. John has broken into a US military base, and steps into the quantum leap accelerator, in an attempt to save his father. His only guide on the mission is his lover, Ian who relents and helps John as he leaps from life to life, trying to find the man he's never met.
  • Souldancer  
  • Summary: Liam wishes local crazy lady Linda would leave him alone, but one vital day she saves his life? Why? Is she really whom she appears to be?

  • Fruitless Vanity  
  • Summary: Set in the far future of the Legendary Warrior series, protagonist Major Scott Harrison is called to Rigel Prime, capital of the Empire. There the Pharaoh tells him of missing weapons. So why does he feel odd when he finds out the Crown Prince has gone missing?

  • Left to Ashes  
  • Summary: Keenan is your average teenager, until one day he meets Emmett Cullen.
    Note: This is my Twilight story, and the only story not available under the creative commons.

  • HIH  
  • Summary: Alexander is enjoying his high school life. Everything is well, but what happens when his sister Sophia is poisoned, and he finally learns the family secret? This story follows The Legendary Warrior but is written as a stand-alone story.

  • My Boyfriend is a Vampire  
  • Summary: This is book 2 of Mark's lament.

  • Mark's lament  
  • Summary: Mark finds out his parents sold his soul... to a vampire.

  • The Legendary Warrior  
  • Summary: Jason and Keith have gotten married, but what's in store for the future Queen? (This is a continuation of Love, Unconventionally.)

  • Love, Unconventionally  
  • Summary: CSIS Agent Jason Bezner is sent on an exploration expedition to another planet. But what happens when he meets the handsome strange alien?

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