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Q. Why do you only post in PDF and not in [format here]?

A. Because the Nifty Archives where I started my story writing "career" only takes submissions in HTML, PDF or plain text. HTML isn't an easy thing to configure, and PDF in OpenOffice.org is one-button publishing. If you join my Yahoo! Group, I also post new chapters in open document text.

My story Left to Ashes you can find here on GayAuthors in the eFiction section. Other stories may or may not be posted there depending on my experience with this one story.

Q. Could you give me some brief info on Love, Unconventionally and The Legenday Warrior

A. Love, unconventionally and The Legenday Warrior is a love story. It's meant to be a romance more than anything, though I'm not sure how successful I am in getting that across. First you have the protagonist, Jason who on his first trip off of Earth, get's abducted. Or so everyone thinks. Then you have the dashing, HOT young prince. Boy meets prince, and they fall in love. It's a classic tale.

In The Legenday Warrior, it takes boy meets prince further. There Jason (the boy) wants to protect his prince.

Q. Is "God" going to play a big role in Give it up to me?

A. Yes. It's meant to be that type of story.

Updated April, 2010

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